The Sun KILLS Coronavirus In Just Minutes?

The Sun KILLS Coronavirus In Just Minutes?
The coronavirus epidemic has been a horrific time for everyone. Millions are trapped indoors to prevent catching the virus. Many people have wondered if this virus can ever be eradicated. Now, one study shows the coronavirus has a weakness: the sun.

Get Some Of Those Rays

Scientists Jose-Luis Sagripanti and David Lytle discovered how the virus handled itself under the sun. With a slew of tests, they determined the sun has the potential to damage the coronavirus. According to the study, one way to beat the coronavirus is to be outside. While it's considered a risk to be outside, many doctors say it's okay to go out for a jog. Like any other jog, this activity is best done early in the morning. "In contrast, healthy people outdoors receiving sunlight could have been exposed to lower viral dose with more chances for mounting an efficient immune response," the study said.

A Huge Misstep?

Unfortunately, the study states that keeping people indoors was probably a bad idea. Since the start, people have been isolating to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. "If we accept a possible virucidal role of sunlight during coronavirus pandemics, then forcing people to remain indoors may have increased (or assured) contagion of COVID-19 among same house-hold dwellers and among patients and personnel inside the same hospital or geriatric facilities," the study said. On average, people must spend 14 days in self-quarantine if they've been around someone with coronavirus. People flying in from another area must do the same. 14 days is the proper amount of time for people to contract the coronavirus after exposure.

Still Not Safe

With the summertime underway, the coronavirus will see a sharp decline thanks to the sun. Even with the sun, it's still important to wear a mask while traveling outside. The coronavirus is still a major issue, and people should take care of themselves.

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