THESE Even Deadlier For COVID-19 Patients

THESE Even Deadlier For COVID-19 Patients
Fortunately, as increasing studies are done on COVID-19 and its symptoms and effects on people afflicted, we are learning more and more about how to effectively treat it. In a report published in the May 20, 2020 journal, Stroke, researchers found that COVID-19 increases the risk of death for patients who undergo a stroke while also fighting the coronavirus. The study, co-authored by Dr. Jennifer Frontera, an NYU professor, found that people affected by COVID-19 suffer from a markedly increased risk for blood clots, which can easily lead to a stroke. Dr. Frontera asserted, “Our findings provide compelling evidence that widespread blood-clotting may be an important factor that is leading to stroke in patients with COVID-19.” The study performed found that stroke patients with COVID-19 had a whopping 63% death rate, while those without the virus only died 9% of the time. In other findings, only 5% of people who had a stroke before the global pandemic hit died. Fortunately, less than 1% of patients, when actually hospitalized for COVID-19, suffer a stroke. However, this does not negate the important researcher findings, which state that COVID-19 patients are seven times more likely to die from a stroke than stroke victims without the coronavirus. So what does this all mean for COVID-19 treatment? Dr. Frontera answers that question with, “The results point to anticoagulant, or blood thinner therapy, as a potential means of reducing the unusual severity of strokes in people with the coronavirus.” This is an important development in coronavirus management and treatment, because with added anticoagulant therapy, people will now be much less likely to die if they suffer a stroke while infected, because they’ll be much less likely to develop blood clots. It is important to note that being infected with the novel coronavirus does not actually increase a patient’s risk of having a stroke, according to research.

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