These Foods SHRINK Your brain

These Foods SHRINK Your brain

Brain shrinkage

Brains naturally shrink as they age. Why is this bad? Because it contributes to dementia and dementia like symptoms such as cognitive decline and memory loss. This brain shrinkage can be accelerated by disease and also diet. While you may not be able to control your susceptibility to disease, you can control your diet. So, what foods are noted as making your brain shrink?

Foods that contribute to brain shrinkage

Fructose and sugar substitutes

A diet high in fructose or real sugar substitutes can lead to insulin resistance diabetes and alter genes. Fructose has been proven to alter brain function, and ultimately can lead to brain shrinkage. Fake sugars and sugar substitutes should be avoided. Red meat Those who eat diets high in red meat and dairy have been found to suffer age-related brain shrinkage at a much higher rate than those who eat a diet consisting of fish. One cause of this is believed to relate to the high-fat content. While some fats are good for you, large quantities of most fats are not. Trans fat Trans fats are usually found in fast foods, packaged foods, baked goods, frozen foods and margarine and many margarine like spreads. Processed foods Many foods ingredients found in processed foods are known to lead to brain shrinkage. These foods and ingredients are fructose and other sugar substitutes, trans fat, and refined carbohydrates. Alcohol While drinking in moderation, particularly red wine which contains resveratrol, does have some health benefits, other types of alcohol can cause brain shrinkage. Particularly when enjoyed in large quantities. Reservatrol protects the brain, preventing brain shrinkage and can lengthen lifespan. Refined carbohydrates Refined carbohydrates have the natural fiber stripped and can lead to overeating. Many of the vitamins and nutrients are lost when the natural fiber is stripped away. Whole carbohydrates should be eaten instead of refined carbohydrates whenever possible. Maintaining brain volume, and health, into old age can be done easily by following a diet high in fruits and vegetables, preferring whole foods whenever possible, and enjoying sugar and alcohol in moderation.

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