Are you a lover of kale? This leafy green veggie has garnered the love and praise of an abundance of different consumers, whether they be health enthusiasts or just average, everyday persons looking to improve their diet. However, while they are correct about the plant’s numerous health benefits, what these kale eaters don’t realize is that consuming kale also comes with many downsides.

They Say Kale Is Good For You…

The benefits of kale are undeniable. For one, it contains vitamins C, K, and A, which contribute to several aspects of our health such as skin, vision and our immune system. Additionally, it contains Omega-3 which helps prevent inflammation and calcium which helps keep our bones strong.

Reason #1

Nevertheless, it seems likely that these positive effects of kale are outweighed by those that are much more negative. For instance, kale’s large amount of fiber content, particularly insoluble fiber, may be too much for some people to digest. This could lead to the fiber getting stuck in the gut and ultimately causing negative effects such as gas and bloating.

Reason #2

Kale also contains raffinose, a type of sugar that our bodies cannot digest in our stomach or small intestine as we lack the necessary enzymes to do so. This leads to fermentation in our large intestine. This fermentation often

produces gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane which can cause uncomfortable flatulence and bloating.

Reason #3

Finally, some substances found in raw kale can have a goitrogenic effect. This can lead to adverse effects on our thyroids, something that is particularly harmful for anyone living with existing thyroid problems.

Eating kale can be a healthy practice. However, kale consumption can certainly have adverse effects on our bodies whether it be in the form of bloating, gas or thyroid damage.

So next time reach for the kale when making a salad, shake or any other type of snack, remember these three reasons to avoid it instead.

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