Want To Get Better Sleep? Try This Simple Trick

Want To Get Better Sleep? Try This Simple Trick

They say you have to turn your mind and electronics off to get rest. Sounds easy, right? Well, it can be if you're not attached to the world through your smart device. Let me explain some ways to help you sleep.

Are You Getting A Good Night Sleep?

Are you one of those people who take their smart device to the bed? Do you feel like you cannot sleep without reading your timeline? Well, this could be the reason you're not getting a good night's rest. Now, this isn't a trick, however, you have to trick your mind not to feel the need to utilize that smart device in your hand.

At night, you lay in bed feeling as if you cannot fall asleep, so you reach over for your smart devices to help you sleep.

Technology Keeping You Up?

Reading your phone with that vivid light in your eyes is not helping, but you just keep scrolling on your phone, so you become restless. Now, you're famished and then the television gets turned on. Next thing you know, your alarm is ringing for work.

This all happens because you feel you cannot separate from the world long enough for a night of rest.

How To Get That Good Night Rest

Want to sleep better? You have to turn those smart devices off. Get you a good shower/bath before bed or even drink a glass of water. If you can, keep your television in your room off so when you go to bed, all is there are your bed and pillows. If you have to look at your phone in bed, then turn down the brightness on your phone.

You can put your smart devices on do not disturb and just let your mind relax and do some breathing techniques to allow your body to just sleep. There is nothing wrong with reading before bed, but read an actual book with a lamp light next to you so the brightness is not in your eyes. Try your favorite magazine or just write in your journal. (I know I sound old.)

I know people have ebooks and prefer that then turning the page of an actual book, but give it a try.

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