Weird Reason Your Cardiologist Should Warn You About Alzheimer's

Weird Reason Your Cardiologist Should Warn You About Alzheimer's
Have you ever heard about early-onset Alzheimer's? While Alzheimer's impacts millions of people who are 65 years and older, early-onset Alzheimer's affects 200,000 Americans age 65 and under. Scientists have hypothesized that this high incidence of early-onset Alzheimer's may be linked to high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad cholesterol." Check out this weird reason why your cardiologist should warn you about Alzheimer's.

Fading Memories

As a rare version of dementia, early-onset Alzheimer's targets people under the age of 65. Although scientists are unaware of its causes, they speculate that LDL might be a contributing factor. According to their research, a person with high amounts of LDL cholesterol may have greater odds of developing early-onset Alzheimer's. The one risk factor scientists are certain of is the gene variant APOE E4, which is associated with increased levels of LDL cholesterol.

Change Of Heart

What makes LDL cholesterol so dangerous if that it can accumulate within the arteries, resulting in an obstruction of blood flow and an increase in heart problems. According to a JAMA Neurology study, scientists have found a potential correlation between bad cholesterol and early-onset Alzheimer's. About the relationship between LDL and dementia, Dr. Thomas Wingo said, "the big question is whether there is a causal link between cholesterol levels in the blood and Alzheimer's disease risk. The existing data have been murky on this point."

Results Are In

After conducting research on approximately 2,400 patients, Dr. Wingo and his associates were unable to find a direct link between "good cholesterol" and early-onset Alzheimer's. However, they were able to identify an APOB gene mutation that might be another genetic factor for this disease. As stated by Dr. Wingo, "our work now is focused on testing whether there is a causal link."

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