What Are The Odds That YOU Have A Heart Attack?

What Are The Odds That YOU Have A Heart Attack?
The average person might believe most victims of a heart attack are men, but women are increasingly vulnerable. More than 150,000 Americans pass away because of a heart attack annually, but over 50% of men and women will survive for at least one year following experiencing an attack. Understanding the chances of your survival, risks, and practicing heart-healthy habits can put the odds in your favor despite statistics.

Ticking Time Bomb

In America, a heart attack will occur about every 35 seconds; and they don't just happen to old people. Younger adults in their 20s and 30s can experience a heart attack. Typically, most heart attack sufferers are middle-aged or older, with the first attack occurring when men are 66, or women are 70 years of age. Once men reach the age of 45 and women reach the age of 55, extra precautions should be taken regarding cardiovascular health. The risk of having a heart attack increase exponentially once men and women reach this milestone. Most heart attack victims suffer an episode in the morning when the blood is more prone to clotting.

Know The Risks

It's not only essential to reduce excess weight, cease smoking, and eat a healthy balanced diet to reduce the risks of a heart attack. Regularly visiting a physician for checkups, exercising a few days out of the week, and taking aspirin can help lessen the chances a heart attack will occur. Advancements in medical technology and medication have increased the chances that a heart attack victim will survive and thrive following the experience. Undergoing procedures like bypass surgery or angioplasty can reduce the risk of a future heart attack, and recovery rates for heart attack sufferers have risen over the decades.

Live Heart Healthy

In addition to having your heart health assessed and diagnosed by a trusted medical professional, taking measures to protect your health and cardiovascular system are vital. There is a renewed sense of optimism within cardiovascular medicine and care. People can live longer, healthier lives thanks to early diagnosis, medical treatments, and understanding the risk factors that contribute to a heart attack.

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