What's the Worst Thing to Put into Your Brain?

What's the Worst Thing to Put into Your Brain?

What's the Worst Thing to Put into Your Brain?

What's the worst thing to put into your brain? Can you guess it? Is it caffeine? Is it prescription medicine? Self-doubt maybe? Believe it or not, the worst thing to put into your brain is something most of you would never have guessed... It's negative media! With the amount of negative media circulating between politics and Coronavirus reports, we considered it only fair to write this short post to let you know what you're up against, and how to combat the negative media effect if you start seeing signs that you are being impacted by the negative press you take in.

Signs that Negative Media is Making You Feel Bad

So how does negative media impact your body, brain, and emotions? When we get exposed to something that gets our emotions stirred up, it can activate the sympathetic nervous system of our brain, releasing the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. If we are exposed to enough of these feelings, it can be unhealthy for our bodies, our brains, and our emotional or mental state. Some people may get an increased heart rate... Some people may feel flushed. Some of us may grit our teeth and clench our fists, and some of us will even get sick to our stomachs or start to get a headache. Some other symptoms are depression, sleeplessness, fatigue, and anxiety. If you do notice that you are starting to feel the effects of negative news, events, or people, here are some tips to help you get back on balance and be happy again:

Tips to Counteract Negative Influence and Start Feeling Better Again

Disassociate or Limit Your Time with Negative News, People, and Events Get Out and Do Something Fun Meditate Talk to a Close Friend Use Your Time for Something Positive, Like Working Out or Yoga
What's the Worst Thing to Put into Your Brain? - Final Thoughts
Everything has been so crazy with the pandemic and its different varieties, then politics, tornadoes, and everything else that's been happening recently, it's hard to know what's even going on with your emotions sometimes. We hope that this post has helped you know more about the negative effects news and media can have on your mind, body, and emotions, so if you notice any of the signs, you can address the issue and try to start feeling better!

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