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Physio Biotics

Physio Biotics

Physio Biotics is a unique formula that contains a robust blend of probiotics to nurture your gut-heart connection: 7 hardy probiotic strains for total support; easy-to-swallow, acid resistant veggie capsules to help the probiotics truly reach and replenish your gut and support your heart health; nearly 6 Billion CFU (colony forming units) per serving.
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Introducing Physio Neuro

Scientifically formulated to support key areas of brain health.

Introducing Physio Neuro

Scientifically formulated to support key areas of brain health.


Improved Focus:

Physio Neuro contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that can help improve focus and concentration. With regular use, you may find that you are able to stay focused for longer periods of time, making it easier to complete tasks and stay on track.


Enhanced Memory:

Memory decline is a natural part of aging, but Physio Neuro can help slow this process down. The powerful blend of ingredients works to enhance memory recall and can help you retain information better.


Increased Mental Clarity:

Brain fog can make it difficult to think clearly, but Physio Neuro can help. The natural ingredients in this supplement work to clear away brain fog, leaving you feeling more alert and mentally sharp. This can help you make better decisions, think more creatively, and be more productive.


The brain health supplement that's been specifically formulated to support cognitive function and overall brain health. 

If you're looking for a natural and effective way to boost your mental performance, then Physio Neuro is the perfect solution.Physio Neuro is not just about boosting mental performance - it also supports overall brain health. The ingredients in this supplement have been carefully chosen to help protect against age-related cognitive decline and may help reduce the risk of certain neurological disorders. By taking Physio Neuro regularly, you can give your brain the support it needs to stay healthy and functioning at its best.

Ginkgo biloba

Has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain, which can enhance cognitive function, memory, and concentration.


Is a type of fat that is essential for brain function. It has been shown to improve memory, attention, and overall cognitive function.

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine

Is an amino acid that helps the body produce energy. It has been shown to improve cognitive function, memory, and mood.

St. John’s Wort

Has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for depression and anxiety. It is believed to work by increasing levels of serotonin in the brain, which can improve mood and cognitive function.


Is an amino acid that is essential for brain function. It has been shown to improve memory and cognitive function.

Bacopa monnieri

Has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to improve cognitive function, memory, and learning. It is believed to work by increasing blood flow to the brain and reducing inflammation.

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Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine

Is a natural compound that is essential for brain function. It has been shown to improve memory, cognitive function, and mood.


Is a natural compound that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to improve cognitive function and memory. It works by inhibiting an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is essential for memory and learning.

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Benefits of Physio Neuro

    • Convenient once daily dose
    • 100% American Made
    • Research based ingredients

    • Think clearly again
    • Banish the "brain fog"

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As a doctor, I understand that we are all unique when it comes to how our bodies can react to the same ingredients. So, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, I’ll promptly return your money, hassle-free…guaranteed. Remember: You’re protected with our 60 day, money-back guarantee!

There are several options you can choose from, but the majority of Physio Omega customers choose to maximize their savings by choosing the heavily discounted 8-bottle promotion when available. This saves you the hassle of re-ordering often and allows you to take advantage of the absolute lowest price today, and be grandfathered into this price for any time you order more in the future.

Absolutely! We use advanced 256-bit encryption to process each order. When you place your order, all of the information (including your name, address, and credit/debit card details) is sent through a secure server to keep your personal data safe. If you prefer to order by phone, you can do so by using the phone number provided at the top of this page.

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